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Xerostomia – diagnostics and treatment

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The aim of this report is to summarize the current state of the evidence from the scientific literature regarding xerostomia. Xerostomia is a subjective complaint-symptom of dry mouth. It may be or may be not associated with objectively measured hyposalivation (reduction of saliva secretion). The variety of local and systemic conditions, treatments and medications alter salivary secretion and composition. The degree of salivary glands dysfunction as well as the accompanying oral morbidity as a complication of dry mouth, make xerostomia therapy complex and often refractory. Treatment of xerostomia essentially is carried out in regard to the cause and is divided in four main categories: palliative or symptomaic, local and systemic stimulation and prevention of complications. Which category will be applied, depends primarily on whether salivary glands can still produce saliva or not. In patients with residual salivary gland function, the use of salivary stimulans appears to be more beneficial than salivary substitutes. When saliva is absent, treatment remains palliative and must include salivary substitutes. During anticancer radio-and chemotherapy xerostomia is the earliest and the most prominent consequence which significantly affects the quality of life and lead to severe and long-term complications. Because management of xerostomia is rarely effective, prevention is paramount. Preventive measures should include acting on causes of xerostomia, maintaining salivary function and prevention of complications that arise in already developed xerostomia. Therapy of xerostomia depends on whether salivary glands function is preserved or not and includes local treatment and systemic medications as well as non-medication salivary stimulation such as low level laser, acupuncture and electrostimulation.

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dry mouth; xerostomia; hyposalivation; sialometry; xerostomia/oral omplications; xerostomia/etiology; xerostomia/prevention; xerostomia/therapy; artificial saliva; supersaturated calcium phosphate remineralizing rinse

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