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The Use of Networked Computers in Overcoming the Spatial-Temporal Limitations in Contemporary Education

Milan Polić

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If contemporary education follows the needs of both the economy and society as a whole – which is possibly only if it follows student needs and capabilities – it must necessarily be both spatially and temporally branched out and diversified in order that it may achieve a satisfactory level of subject choice. This, however, requires a lot of expensive space and limited time that, unfortunately, cannot be extended at any price. This is why cyber-space-and-time education is becoming not only increasingly challenging day-by-day concerning the novel educational possibilities it offers, but also fully necessary – due to the introduction of the Bologna Process – in overcoming the limitations imposed on contemporary education by conventional time and space.
This paper considers the possibilities offered by the contemporary educational technologies based on the use of networked computers in overcoming the aforesaid limitations and in the application of the Bologna model, particularly concerning the increasing needs for self-education, research and creativity, and lifelong learning.

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lifelong learning, cyber space, cyber time, conventional space, conventional time

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