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Niksa Jajac orcid id ; Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Split, Croatia
Snjezana Knezic ; Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Split, Croatia
Zoran Babić ; Faculty of Economics, University of Split, Croatia

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Urban road infrastructure management deals with complex decision making process. There are several reasons for a complexity such as: multi-disciplinarity, lots of participants, huge quantity of information,
limited budget, conflict goals and criteria. These facts indicate that decision making processes in urban road infrastructure management belong to ill-defined problems. In order to cope with such complexity and to help managers during decision making processes this research proposes an application of multicriteria methods. Therefore, a generic concept of decision support for urban road infrastructure management based on multicriteria analysis is proposed. Three multicriteria methods: AHP, SAW and PROMETHHE, in a combination with 0-1 programming are used. The main advantage of an application of multicriteria analysis is that all stakeholders could be objectively included into decision process. Therefore, setting up of criteria weights involves opinions from all stakeholders’ groups (stakeholders are divided into three characteristic groups). Evaluation of criteria importance (weights) is based on three sets of opinions processed by Analytic Hierarchic Processing (AHP) method. Three sets of criteria are then processed by Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) method resulting in a final set of criteria weights. By using SAW method, relative importance of opinions of all three stakeholders’ groups is introduced. Collected data are then processed by PROMETHEE multicriteria methods. Proposed decision support concept is validated on the problem of improvement of one part of an urban road infrastructure system for a large urban area of town of Split. The concept is efficiently applied on several problems regarding parking garages: location selection, sub-project ranking, definition of an investment strategy.

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multicriteria analysis, decision support, AHP, SAW, PROMETHEE methods, urban road infrastructure management

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