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Presentation of an Experimental Approach for the Determination of Mean Velocity in Oscillating Tube Flows Via Hot Wire Anemometry

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The utilization of constant temperature anemometry (CTA) system for the
measurement of mean oscillating velocity of air at negligible compressibility
is discussed in this paper. The measurements were conducted at a station of
self-excited oscillations in a circular cross sectional pipe following the collapse
of the elastic test tube of a Starling resistor in a flow Reynolds number range
of 7,000 ≤ Re ≤ 94,000. The cross-sectional traverse of the hot-wire probe at
the measurement station in a frequency (f) range of 13Hz ≤ f ≤ 107Hz were
conducted. The cross sectional oscillating velocity profile was determined
by using the ensembled averages of oscillating velocity data. The position of
the hot-wire probe corresponding to the mean axial oscillating velocity was
determined to be approximately 0.755 of pipe radius from the centreline in the
covered ranges of Re and f.

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Hot wire anemometry; Mean oscillating velocity; King’s law; Probe position; Unsteady pipe flow

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