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Altars of the Bokanić's Workshop in Povlja on Brač

Vesna Staničić

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In the parish church in Povlja on the eastern side of the island of Brač two limestone altars are analyzed, one dedicated to the Madonna of Rosary other to Sacred Heart of Jesus. Both altars have stylistic characteristics of late Renaissance with ionian capitals and triangular gable with vigorous tripartite beams decorated with small leaf like brackets.
The emphases and the division of architectural elements of the altars together with the characteristic ornamentation points to late Renaissance characteristics of the Bokanić's style, although some of the morphological are different from other altars of the same workshop. The choice of the ornamental motifs (small consoles, cogs, astragal and ovulo moldings) to plant motifs (leafs, rosettes) point to the style of 16th century. However, the baroque elements are present, obvious in the soft forms of the angel on the central console on the altar of Madonna of Rosary.
The features of the both altars have strong resemblance with the altars of Bokanić's workshop which during the 16th and 17th century was established in Dalmatia on the island of Brač, Hvar and Vis and Omiš, Trogir and Zadar. The most famous member of this family of builders and stonemasons was Trifun Bokanić (1575-1609.). In Zadar he built altars in Franciscan and Benedictine church of Saint Mary (in Nin from 1841.), while in Hvar he built the altar of Our Lady of Carmen in the cathedral (now in parish church in Brusje).
Both altars in Povlja can be dated within the second half of 17th century due to combination of renaissance composition and ornamentation with baroque molding of the console with angel. Unfortunately there are no documents about these altars until 1718. when new nave is mentioned with new altars. This information, however, may refer to translation and transformation of old altars because on them still are visible newer parts (columns, imposts).

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late Renaissance altars; Bokanić's workshop; Povlja

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