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Sociocultural factors of the gender equality in Croatian families

Dejana Bouillet orcid id ; Institut za društvena istraživanja u Zagrebu

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This paper presens results of research which has been within the scope of the scientific
project Youth and the European Integration Process, carried out by the Institute for Social
Researches in Zagreb (manager: Vlasta Ili{in, Ph.D.). The aim of this research is to identify
sociocultural factors of the gender equality in Croatian families in order to realize
sociocultural circumstances which can contribute towoards achieving of the higher level of
the gender equality in the Croatian society. The sample of research consists of 3000 representatively
chosen Croatian citizens, 15 and more years old. The data were gathered in
early 2004. Results have indicated that the majority of examinees express attitudes which
support the traditional role of women. These gender equality attitudes statistically significantly
depend on the sociocultural characteristics of examinees. The gender equality is
more distinctively represented by the younger girls/women which have highest level of
the education, by the employed persons with the urban residential status and by the
examinees who are less religious and who are not married. The autor compares results of
research with the other similar researches (for example: The Value System of Youth and Social
Changes in Croatia, carried out by the Institute for Social Researches in Zagreb and
Family Planning And Role of The Woman In The Family carried out by the Center for Market
Research). She concludes that more extensive changes in the gender equality attitudes
are possible to expect only when the numerous of socal circumstances, which more or
less indirectly support the inequality, are changed. She specially advocates for creating
better possibilities for the concilliation of professional and family responsibilities of
women and men, by opening of various child and family care centres and by the encouraging
fathers to take part in the using of parental leave to the greater extent.

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the gender equality, attitudes, sociocultural caracteristic, family, Croatia

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