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Cutaneous Sinus Tract of Odontogenic Origin – A Misdiagnosed Lesion: Report of two cases

Kavitarani Bhimappa Rudagi ; Odsjek za restorativnu stomatologiju i endodonciju Stomatološkog fakuleta Sharad Pawar, Sawangi (meghe), Indija
Bhimappa Mallappa Rudagi ; Odsjek za oralnu i maksilofacijalnu kirurgiju Stomatološkog fakulteta Sharad Pawar, Sawangi (meghe), Indija

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The aim of the present article was to discuss two different case reports of the extra-oral odontogenic cutaneous sinus tracts with emphasis on their diagnoses and treatment plans. Odontogenic cutaneous sinus is a rare but well documented condition. It is usually misdiagnosed as a local skin lesion and mistreated by multiple surgical excisions and/or systemic antibiotics with eventual recurrence. This is because the primary dental etiology is overlooked. We have described two cases of extraoral cutaneous sinus tract of an odontogenic origin. In both cases there were complaints of pain and purulent/hemorrhagic discharge from the lesions. Clinical and radiological examination showed inactive teeth, which were infected periapically in both cases. Non-surgical endodontic treatment was successful in Case 1. Surgical intervention was performed in Case 2. Both patients responded well and healing was uneventful. An understanding of the pathogenesis of cutaneous sinus tract arising from dental infection will lead to proper early diagnosis and successful treatment.

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Cutaneous Fistula; Dental Pulp Necrosis; Root Canal Preparation

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