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The Training of Seamen in the Past and the Beginnings of Institutionalized Seamen's Education in the Croatian Adriatic during the XIXth Century

Sanda Uglešić ; Odjel za povijest Sveučilišta u Zadru, Zadar, Hrvatska

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Training of seamen was in the past based on empirical knowledge acquired during navigation, whilst the maritime law norms of those times, referred to in the statutes of our coastal and insular towns, included provisions relating to the professionalism of the crew only in the context of the safety of ships and their cargo. There were no particular provisions regarding seamen’s school education in that period; not even the commanding officer needed to be literate. During the XIXth century, the necessity of adjusting to new changes that occurred due to the technical and technological development of the maritime domain caused by the implementation of steam machine became obvious. Changes in the technology of maritime transport necessarily led to the development of a different approach to the education of seamen. This period was marked by a greater influence of the state in the sphere of seamen’s education, visible in founding public seamen’s schools, the implementation of organisational changes such as broadening the curriculum and prolonging the duration of the educational process. Changes in the school system attempted to respect the provisions contained in the books of rules for obtaining seamen’s degrees that were issued by maritime authorities in the XIXth century and regulated the legislative aspect of the evaluation of the acquired knowledge and skills, and of issuing authorisations.

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seamen’s education, public seamen’s schools, the Croatian Adriatic, XIXth c

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