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Impact of sport games and cyclic sports on muscle strength and certain cardiovascular system indicators in boys 11–14 years of age – a longitudinal study

Arunas Emeljanovas ; Department of Health, Physical and Social Education, Lithuanian Sports University, Kaunas, Lithuania
Eurelija Venskaityte ; Laboratory of Kinesiology, Lithuanian Sports University, Kaunas, Lithuania
Marjeta Mišigoj-Duraković ; Kineziološki fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Jonas Poderys ; Laboratory of Kinesiology, Lithuanian Sports University, Kaunas, Lithuania

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The aim of the study was to determine the impact of sport games and cyclic sports on certain features of cardiovascular reactions to exercise and to muscular strength enhancement in a cohort of 105 boys at
the age of 11–14 years. They were recruited at the age of eleven years: 35 non-athletes, 35 cyclic sports athletes and 35 sport games players. The measurements were performed for four consecutive years. The muscle strength and cardiovascular indices were registered and taken for analysis. The results indicate sport games training sessions are an important external factor affecting the functional parameters of accelerated changes in the cardiovascular system (CVS) of the 11–13-years-old age group. The influence of endogenous factors on a child’s growth and development particularly increases at the age of 13–14 years, resulting in significant changes in CVS indices improvement, and non-athletes almost equal peers engaged in sports for those characteristics. Improvement of the muscle capacity indices depends on the nature of the physical load: muscle strength indices increased more in the cyclic sports group.

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maturation; athletes; non-athletes; sport specificity; specific physical load

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