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Assurance and quality management

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Product quality is not a matter of choice any more but a condition foi its survival. There are two main reasons: economic - in hard times good quality product is sold less but is still selling while bad quality product does not; European dimension - producers that comply to European standards (which are now in draft) will conquer their share of the market. There are three possible approaches to achieve the quality of product: quality control it is the most traditional approach and it consists in investigations of the final product, quality assurance: producers and other efficacious means which are part of the quality assurance programme and TQM (Total Quality Management) is the method for achieving quality engaging also human factor: each individual in the firm takes care of the quality. In the last 20 years quality control (measuring of product conformity to the technico-technological specification) as well as quality assurance (techni-co-technological programme which main objective is to offer, in advance, the proof to consumers that the firm is able to organize quality control of its products) are rapidly developing. Quality control and quality assurance are developing in the direction of the modem method of Total Quality Management, which is, actually, a systematic endeavour of all human resources in order to achieve maximum consumers' satisfaction and improve financial indicators of the plant Quality control and quality assurance can not decrease the expense of bad quality under 20% and 10%, respectively, while TQM can lower in under 4%. Experienced commercial experts consider "error zero" the only acceptable standard i.e. achieving of the total quality. Although it is not the reality, it is a direction which should be followed to satisfy changed market conditions.

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quality control; quality assurance; total quality management

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