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Simulation of the casting process - a powerful tool for enhanced design of the cutting teeth in surface mining

R. Slavkovic ; Technical Faculty Čačak, Serbia
Z. Jugovic ; Technical Faculty Čačak, Serbia
D. Kozak ; Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Slavonski Brod, University of Osijek, Croatia
A. Veg ; Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia
R. Radisa ; Lola Institute, Belgrade, Serbia
S. Dragicevic ; Technical Faculty Čačak, Serbia
M. Popovic ; Technical Faculty Čačak, Serbia

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str. 293-296

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Recent development in the computer simulation technology caused a tremendous influence on a rapid prototyping in casting process. These computational tools facilitate engineering work and urge moulding verification in foundries. Among dedicated software packages the MAGMASoft is selected for availability reasons. Its effectiveness is proved with the simulation of moulding process of the cutting teeth for a bucket wheel excavator Use of MAGMASoft enables a shortcut to a forceful and durable product, without internal cavities and micro-porosity. Such advancement of the moulding process is described in this paper.

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casting; porosity; wear; simulation; MAGMASoft

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