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Effect of process parameters on natural aging in a 1004 STEEL

L. Guerra-Fuentes ; University Autonumous of Nuevo Leon
A. Juarez-Hernandez ; University Autonumous of Nuevo Leon
M. A. L. Hernandez-Rodriguez ; University Autonumous of Nuevo Leon
M. Herrera-Trejo ; CINVESTAV Ramos Arizpe Coah., Mexico

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str. 349-351

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The effects of natural aging on the tensile strength, Rm, in a rod of 1004 steel were studied. Natural aging was performed at 298 K over a period of 126 h and values were recorded at different intervals. Electron microscopy observations showed just dissolution of perlite phase for the base metal and heat affected zone. The largest Rm value was obtained after 123 h, due to maximum aging, nitrogen and boron contents were found to be the most important elements in this research. The results indicate that, low velocity and high nitrogen concentration reduce, Rm, as heat treatment time and nitrogen increase solubility of nitrogen increases.

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steel; natural aging; tensile strength; nitrogen diffusion

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