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Workshop of Clay Objects and Fabric in the Starčevo Culture Settlement at the Galovo in Slavonski Brod

Kornelija Minichreiter

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During the summer of 2003, the Galovo site in Slavonski Brod saw the sixth stage of systematic archaeological research into a settlement from the Starčevo culture as a part of the scientific research project on “The Prehistoric Identity of Northern Croatia”. Research efforts have so far covered an area of 2,200 m2, with the 2003 excavations focused on the western working pit (SU 155/156). The discovery of remains of four kilns as well as the layout of its interior rooms suggest that the working pit served as a workshop for the production of clay objects and pottery of smaller dimensions. The findings discovered in this settlement so far include 87 censers, 2 altars, 3 sacrificial vessels, 7 anthropomorhipc idols, a zoomorphic clay figurine and a zoomorphic clay protome. The fragments of censers, anthropomorhipc idols and sacrificial vessels discovered in Slavonski Brod during 2003 belong to the already known types published in a previous paper, including the noteworthy and unique findings of an animal protome (a realistically shaped porcine head) and a self-supporting zoomorphic sculpture (a figurine of a doe), which are among the most beautiful examples of presentations of these animals at the Early Neolithic sites. The archaeological research of the prehistoric settlement at Galovo in Slavonski Brod commenced in 1997 and will certainly continue as this site offers a unique opportunity for systematic research into early Neolithic populations in Southern Pannonian areas from the early Linear A phase of the Starčevo culture.

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Neolithic, early Starčevo culture, Linear A, workshop, kilns, loom, altars, censers, idols, Slavonski Brod, Croatia

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