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Sociosexuality and Mate Retention in Romantic Couples

Igor Kardum
Jasna Hudek- Knežević
Asmir Gračanin

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str. 277-296

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On a sample of 191 romantic couples the relations between mate retention strategies of one partner in the pair and sociosexuality of the other was examined. Mate retention strategies were measured by using self-reports, while sociosexuality was measured by self-report, as well as partner’s report. The results show that mate retention tactics, categories and domains are mainly positively related to both measures of partners’ sociosexuality in men and women, and particularly perceived sociosexuality of one’s partner. The results also show that relations between the overall frequency in the use of mate retention acts and partners’ sociosexuality do not differ between men and women. However, consistent differences in the relations between sociosexuality and mate retention strategies in men and women were obtained. When their partners are higher on sociosexuality women are more inclined to use intersexual manipulations, while men are more prone to intrasexual manipulations.

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