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A Pedagogical Approach to a Corpus-driven Compilation of an LSP Collocational Dictionary

Maja Bratanić ; Institut za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje
Ana Ostroški Anić orcid id ; Institut za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje

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This paper describes the compilation of a specialized and typologically innovative terminological collocational dictionary. Based on a targeted corpus of Aviation English, an extensive list of almost 10000 aviation English terms and their typical lexical combinations was compiled with the aim of precisely rendering the LSP terminology and vocabulary globally prescribed for pilots and air traffic controllers. A rather simple concordancing tool was used, thus enabling several senior students of aeronautics to take part in the compilation process. Such a partial computer-assisted approach to terminology extraction demonstrated some advantages not only over traditional lexicographic and terminographic methods but also over more sophisticated computational methods, which do not take into account all criteria for selecting terminologically relevant collocations. The lexical material obtained by this procedure can be used as a potential “left side” of any bilingual aviation dictionary with English as a target language. Moreover, it provides ample potential for further lexicological research and can also be used for the interactive acquisition of (foreign language) terminology.

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special purpose language terminology, terminological collocational dictionary, specialized corpus, collocation extraction

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