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Development of Anaesthesia in Dentistry

Jadranka Keros ; Zavod za dentalnu antroplogiju Stomatološkog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Zlatko Mihelčić ; Ministarstvo pravosuđa Republike Hrvatske, Hrvatska
Pavel Kobler ; Zavod za oralnu kirurgiju Stomatološkog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 397-400

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Pain control in dental patients greatly improved in the first half of this century. However, even today efforts are being made to find new ways and methods in this field.The local anaesthetics discovered around the end of the 19th century comprise a wide variety of agents, the basic characteristic of which is that by producing reversible blockade o f nociceptor excitation and nervous stimulation they significantly alleviate painful conditions and decrease pain occuring during dental procedures. Our paper gives a review o f data on historical development o f anaesthesia in dentistry, which was an essential prerequisite to the modern development o f many dental specialities. The authors have presented the contributions of many assiduous professionals who lay the foundation for current achievments in this area o f human andeavour.

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dentistry, pain, local anaesthesia

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