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Is it Really Necessary to Publish Marulić’s Repertorium?

Branimir Glavičić

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Judging from its content, Marulić’s Repertorium can hardly be considered an original work. It is a collection of excerpts selected from a large number of profane,ecclesiastical, classical and humanist writers and for practical reasons arranged in alphabetical order, in the manner of lexicons. What makes it original, however, are its conception and purpose, since it was intended to serve as a useful help in literary com-position. This distinguishes it from other formally similar collections of the time.Namely, Renaissance students commonly produced such collections as part of their training, but they were meaningful only as school tasks. Marulić, on the contrary, with his Repertorium, laid the foundations for the national scientific lexicography . Were it only for this — the author claims — it would still deserve to be printed in his Opera omnia.

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