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Marulić’s Croatian Renditions of Petrarch’s Sonnets

Mirko Tomasović

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Some thirty years ago the historian of Croatian literary and library science Hrvoje Morović ascribed the Croatian renditions of two sonnets by Petrarch to Marko Marulić.The mentioned sonnets have been preserved in a manuscript collection of poems produced in Split at the end of the 16th century; they are sonnets XCIX and CCCLXVI form the Canzoniere. The author of the present article sets out to prove that the two renditions belong to Marulić’s poetical workshop. In order to do this he employs different metrical and translational arguments. Also, he advances the hypothesis that they were written in an early phase of Marulić’s literary work, i.e. before 1500.With these two renditions Marulić establishes himself as the first Croatian translator of different poems from Petrarch’s Canzoniere. In the context of the Petrarchist literary movement his renditions prove that the Croatian Petrarchianism was the earliest in Europe outside Italy.

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