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Anthropologic-Prosthetic Aspect of Edentia and Supply with Mobile Prostheses in Some Island Populations of the East Mediterranean

Josip Perinić ; Institut za antropologiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Vjekoslav Jerolimov ; Zavod za mobilnu protetiku, Stomatološki fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Within the scope o f holistic anthropologic-prosthetic studies performed in the populations o f the islands o f Brač, Silba and Olib, dental status characteristics were analyzed according to the relative frequency o f the loss o f permanent teeth and supply with mobile prostheses. Changes in the number o f health, carious, extracted and teeth with fillings with aging were most pronounced in the increased
number o f extracted and decreased number o f healthy teeth.
In both sexes, the loss o f teeth began with first permanent molars, followed by premolars and wisdom teeth. The rate o f the loss o f incisors and canines was greater in females for both jaws. In the study populations, the frequency o f mobile prostheses increased with aging, but was lower than expected from the number o f extracted teeth. No significant interpopulation differences in the supply with prostheses were recorded, in spite o f the fact that the island o f Brač has a well organized dental service, whereas the islands o f Silba and Olib are at about a 5-hour ship distance from the nearest prosthetic clinic. A relatively good prosthetic supply in the latter populations were accounted for by migration o f these islanders to large land cities, where they have their prosthetic needs amended, then returning to the islands at an old age, with their dental state generally settled.

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East Mediterranean islands, edentia, supply, mobile prostheses

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