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Incidence of oral Surgery in a Student Population

Maja Molnar ; Dom zdravlja studenata, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Pavel Kobler ; Zavod za oralnu kirurgiju Stomatološkog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Zagrebu Gundulićeva 5, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The aim o f the study was to assess oral health in a student opulation
from different counties. For this purpose, a survey was conducted on a group of 1000 students, male and female, registered at the student’s Health Center in Zagreb during the school year 1995/1996. The historical background of the Student Health Service and the Student Dental Health Service is presented. The most frequent oral diseases associated with caries in younger age groups, surgically treated oral diseases (odontogenous inflammation, impacted teeth and dental retention) and orthodontic abnormalities are analysed.
The lowest DMF index was established for students from the County
o f Koprivnica-Krizevci and the highest for those from Ličko-Senjska
County. The average DMF index for total population was 11,86. There were no inflammatory changes o f the parodontium in 40,7% of the population. Orthodontic abnormalities were present in 40,3% of the population. Students visited the dentist mainly for treatment o f caries. Another reason was the pain, caused by gangrene or pulpitis. Eruption o f wisdom teeth was the reason for 5% o f the examinees visiting the dentist, while many patients came because of odontogenous swelling.

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students, oral surgery

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