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Evaluation of the M andibular Fractures Treated with »Instrumentarija« Mini-plate System

Vedran Uglešić ; Klinika za kirurgiju lica, čeljusti i usta, KBC »Šalata«, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Mišo Virag ; Klinika za kirurgiju lica, čeljusti i usta, KBC »Šalata«, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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In 1987, a modification o f the miniplate system for facial bone fixation was developed at the Department o f Maxillofacial Surgery,
Zagreb University Hospital, in cooperation with Instrumentarija, Zagreb. The aim o f this study was to evaluate the success o f the lower jaw treatment with mini-plates and to compare it to two »traditional « methods o f treatment, intermaxillary fixation and wire fixa-tion. In the evaluation, an original method based on the physician's and self-evaluation was used. Five basic parameters: occlusion, masticatory ability, appearance, duration o f intermaxillary fixation and complications, were scored, providing objective information on the therapeutic success o f the methods. The study included 124 patients with mandible fractures. The results suggested the intraoral approach to the fracture site to be advantageous over the extraoral approach. The mini-plate fixation shows the best results o f treatment for all the parameters observed, thus it should be considered the method o f choice when internal fixation o f fragments is required. Due to fast achievement o f the function and a small number o f complications, we preferred the mini-plate fixation in comparison with intermaxillary fixation when there were no contraindications for its use.

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mandible, mini-plate, evaluation o f treatment

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