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Functional and Aesthetic Rehabilitation of Patients with Oncologic Defects of Lower Oral Cavity. Part Two: Prosthetic Reconstruction

Ivica Krmpotić ; Department of Oral Surgery
Stanko Vukovojac ; Stomatološki fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Prosthetic rehabilitation of patients with defects following lower oral cavity cancer resection is described. Twenty patients underwent preprosthetic corrective surgical intervention, i.e. transplantation of split thickness skin graft, as the construction of an adequate prosthesis in the area of tumor resection was not possible due to unfavorable anatomic conditions. As the main problem encountered during prosthetic reconstruction is the registration of intermaxillary relations, denture fabrication was therefore performed in two stages: the base of the prosthesis was fabricated first, followed by the determination of the vertical dimension in rest position while centric relation was determined manually by guiding the mandible into the most advantageous position to the maxilla. The obtained results were both subjectively and objectively satisfactory, suggesting that in patients in which prosthetic rehabilitation is not possible due to postoperative oncologic defects of the lower oral cavity, a preprosthetic corrective surgical intervention (facilitating tongue mobility and extension of denture bearing area) and a specific prosthetic procedure (determination of optimal intermaxillary
relations) are the main prerequisites for effective prosthetic rehabilitation.

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postoperative oncologic defects; lower oral cavity; preprosthetic split thickness skin grafting; prosthetic rehabilitation

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