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Acoustic Analysis of Speech Status for Subjects with Orthodontic Anomalies

Marija Hunski ; Dom zdravlja Novi Zagreb Siget, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Because of a certain relationship between orthodontic anomalies and articulatory speech disorders, the aim of this study was to determine the effects of orthodontic therapy on the correction of articulatory speech disorders. The selection of subjects included dysgnathic and eugnathic individuals of both sexes, adolescents and postadolescents. The total number of study subjects was 120, 31 males and 89 females. Orthodontic diagnostic gnathologic variables were measured
on plaster jaw models using standard instruments.Speech pattern was evaluated on the basis of records on a “NAGRA” tape recorder at a tape speed of 9.5 cm/sec. An acoustic analysis of sound zharacteristics was carried out by the AGOS computer laboratory system for speech signal analysis. Results of the study showed the subjects with orthodontic anomalies to be poorer pronounciators than eugnathic subjects. Therapeutic procedure had different effects on the groups of subjects with orthodontic anomalies. Computer analysis of speech articulation according to the duration and spectrum, showed that the duration of pronounced soundburst was on an average longer in the subjects with orthodontic anomalies. On the other hand, sibilant spectral values were lower in these than in eugnathic subjects. This study appeared to shed some light only on one part of the complex problem of articulatory speech disorders.

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acoustic analysis; speech; dysgnathic subjects

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