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Comorbidity of Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis and Polyps Ventriculi

Josipa Sanja Gruden Pokupec ; Stomatological Polyclinic, Zagreb, Croatia
Dolores Biocina Lukenda ; University of Split, School of Medicine, Department of Stomatology, Split, Croatia

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As it is known, many diseases of gastric system cause changes in the oral cavity, with either pathological findings or subjective impressions. When these changes are of pathological nature, the most common finding is recurrent aphthous stomatitis on the tongue, which emerges as a consequence of gastric diseases. Recurrent aphthous stomatitis is a disorder characterised by recurrent ulcerations limited to the oral mucosa, without any other signs of diseases. According to their clinical form, they may be big, small and hyperform. Etiology of recurrent aphthae is genetic predisposition, systemic diseases (virus, certain vitamin deficiency, gastric disorders), and autoimmune disorder and psychogenesis. The symptoms include a prodromal burning sensation and ulceration emerging within 24-48 hours as round symmetrical lesions inflicting the entire oral cavity except for palate and gingiva. Polyps ventriculi are tumours on the gastric mucosa. They can lie on a broad background or hang on the stem, and may be both individual and clustered at the same time. They are more common with elderly male population. They may have a malignant alteration. According to WHO, they have been classified as hyperplastic and neoplastic polyps. Etiology of polyps is atrophic gastritis or H. Pylori.

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recurrent aphthae; polyp

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