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Cobalamin Deficiency Manifested with Seizures, Mood Oscillations, Psychotic Features and Reversible Dementia in the Absence of Typical Neurologic and Hematologic Signs and Symptoms: A Case Report

Maja Vilibic ; University of Zagreb, »Vrap~e« University Psychiatric Hospital, Department of Biological Psychiatry and Psychogeriatry, Zagreb, Croatia
Vlado Jukic ; University of Zagreb, »Vrap~e« University Psychiatric Hospital, Department of Forensic Psychiatry, Zagreb, Croatia
Andjelko Vidovic ; University of Zagreb, Dubrava University Hospital, Department of Psychiatry, Zagreb, Croatia
Petrana Bresic ; University of Zagreb, »Vrap~e« University Psychiatric Hospital, Department for Treatment and Rehabilitation, Zagreb, Croatia

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Cobalamin deficiency is associated with a wide spectrum of hematologic, neurologic, gastroenterologic and psychiatric disorders or symptoms. We report a case of a 50-year-old man with complex partial seizures with secondary generalization, mood oscillations and psychotic symptoms alternating with confusion and reversible dementia secondary to cobalamin deficiency in the absence of typical neurologic and/or hematologic symptoms and signs. Exclusion of epilepsy, acute, atrophic or expansive lesion of central nervous system and usual etiology associated with reversible dementia (infectious diseases, an endocrine etiology and deficiency of vitamins other than cobalamin); finding of cobalamin deficiency only and complete neuropsychiatric recovery after substitution, confirmed etiology. Typical and atypical psychiatric manifestations due to cobalamin deficiency that precede neurologic and/or hematologic signs and symptoms can recover completely after adequate replacement therapy.

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mood oscillations; delusions; auditory hallucinations; dementia; cobalamin deficiency

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