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Cephalometric Analysis of the Changes of the Sagital Position of the Lips During Growth

Marina Lapter ; Stomatološka poliklinika, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Želimir Muretić ; Zavod za ortodonciju, Stomatološki fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 129-134

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Research has been made of the change o f the position o f the lips during growth on 172 latero-lateral cephalograms. O f the total number o f more or less eugnate examinees there were 79 males and
93 females aged between 10 and 45. Further stratification has been made by dividing the examinees in 5 age groups, in each group same number o f subjects approximately. The cephalograms have been made and analysed in the conventional manner. Four variables were analysed, first two registered the distance o f the lips from the Ricketts’s esthetic line, further two the distance from the vertical from the nasion soft tissue on the nasion-sella line. Results have been shown on tables and graphs. They display a greater difference o f sagittal position o f the lips with increase of age, when the E-line (V,, V2) is referred to, if compared to the differences obtained when nasal vertical was used. In relation to sex, the results reveal a greater retropošition of both lips from the Ricketts’s esthetic line in females than in males.

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cephalometrics, analysis of the lip position, growth

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