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International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks, 2007. – a New Contribution to the Safety of Navigation and Marine Environment Protection

Ranka Petrinović ; Sveučilište u Splitu, Pomorski fakultet u Splitu
Vesna Skorupan Wolff ; Jadranski zavod Hrvatske akademije znanosti i umjetnosti

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The text of the International Convention on the Removal of
Wrecks was finally adopted at the International Conference held
from 14 to 18 May, 2007 in the United Nations Office at Nairobi
in Kenya (UNON). The Convention shall enter into force twelve
months after having been signed and approved by ten States.
The new Convention will provide a legal frame for the States
Parties in removing existing and future wrecks located beyond
the territorial sea (within their sovereign rights). First of all it is
the exclusive economic zone which we discuss in the paper, or if
a state has not established the Zone, it is the territory just beyond
the territorial seas which extends not more than 200 NM from the
starting lines for determining the size of territorial seas. Although
the number of maritime accidents has been reduced recently, it
has been estimated that there are more than 1 300 abandoned
wrecks around the world today that pose potential hazards to
safe navigation, utilization of the living resources, as well as to
the marine environment. In accordance with the United Nations
Convention on the Law of the Sea, the Republic of Croatia
established Protected Ecological and Fishing Zone comprising
sovereign rights characteristic for exclusive economic zones such
University of Split, Faculty of Maritime Studies, Split, Croatia
a. Adriatic Institute Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Zagreb, Croatia
as sovereign right of researching, utilization and conservation of
the living resources beyond the outer borders of the territorial
sea, as well as their management, and the jurisdiction with
regard to the scientific research of the sea and protection and
preservation of the marine environment. The Adriatic Sea falls
into the category of closed or semi-closed seas by the definition
of the United Nation Convention on the Law of the Sea, and
therefore if compared with larger seas, the consequences of
pollution would be much greater due to its small size.
That is why the adoption of the Convention on the Removal
of Wrecks is of great importance to Croatia. The provisions of the
Convention oblige the master and the operator of a ship to notify
the endangered state party immediately about the accident
which may cause a shipwreck, and the state must inform the
mariners and other coastal states about the hazard posed by
wrecks. The most important fact is that the Convention requires
compulsory security for vessels of 300BT. The vessels of 300 BT
are obliged to have the certificate of insurance, or some other
financial security as a cover for owner’s liability for the damage
caused by the removal of the wreck.

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Removal of wrecks; International convention on the removal of wrecks; Safety of navigation; Marine environment protection

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