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Influence of Infection and Trauma on Dentinogenesis

Goranka Prpić-Mehičić ; Zavod za dentalnu patologiju, Stomatološki fakultet, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Dora Najžar-Fleger ; Zavod za dentalnu patologiju, Stomatološki fakultet, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Jasna Talan- Hranilović ; Zavod za opću patologiju, Stomatološki fakultet, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Lidija Šuman ; Eksperimentalna medicina i biologija, Inst. »Ruder Bošković« Zagreb, Hrvatska
Dunja Kobler ; Zavod za dentalnu patologiju, Stomatološki fakultet, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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A morphological study o f dentinogenesis was done on rats incisors under conditions o f unfavorable operative trauma acting in combination with mono and mixed pulp infection with the bacteria: Streptococcus mutans and Veillonella. In a group o f 72 Zgr - Whistar imunogene rats, divided into a test (54) and control (18) group, 0,5 McFarland concentrate o f p u re and mixed bacteria culture was inoculated into open pulp under aseptic conditions. Saline solution was used in the control group. After 7, 21 and 52 day-test-period the material was fixed in a 10% neutral formaline solution, frozen, cut app. 5 micrometers thick, and stained with H E for the purpose o f bacteria being shown by the Brown-Brain method. The results show that dentine mineralisation disturbance may be due to operative trauma and infection. The disturbance extent was proportional to bacteria pathogenecity and was manifested through hypomineralisation, temporary or progressive resorption. The strongest mutilation in a form o f resorptive inclusions in the dentine was manifested in the 52-day-test-period mixed infection.

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infection, trauma, dentinogenesis

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