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What do Croatian Scientist Write about? A Social and Conceptual Network Analysis of the Croatian Scientific Bibliography

Markus Schatten ; Faculty of Organization and Informatics – University of Zagreb

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This article analyses the Croatian Scientific Bibliography (CROSBI) as a social application using a number of different approaches. By analysing and visualizing the conceptual network the core of keywords is determined for each scientific field: biomedical sciences, biotechnology, social sciences, humanities, natural sciences and technical sciences. Through the interpretation of core concepts by meta-data from another social application (Wikipedia) it is concluded about the disproportion of interpretative capabilities of two social systems: the Croatian scientific community and the public. Additionally through a social network analysis between scientific areas according to a social (scientific collaboration) and conceptual (keyword co-affiliation) another disproportion is revealed regarding interdisciplinary research.

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Croatian scientific bibliography; social network analysis; conceptual network analysis; visualization; Wikipedia; system theory

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