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Relations Between the Object Under Consideration, Dialectical System, System and Model of it as a Basis for the Requisite Holism and Realism of Modelling and its Results

Matjaž Mulej ; Faculty of Economics and Business – University of Maribor
Zdenka Ženko ; Faculty of Economics and Business – University of Maribor
Branka Čagran ; Faculty of Education – University of Maribor
Nastja Mulej ; DeBono Slovenija s.p.

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str. 238-253

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Modelling is a crucial tool in research and development, but models simplify one’s perception of systems as mental pictures of reality, maybe too much. Therefore one must be aware of the addressed relations, typology of models, and apply ‘USOMID – 6 Thinking Hats’ method of creative cooperation to attain requisite holism of approach and requisite wholeness of outcomes.

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object; system; dialectical system; model; USOMID; 6 thinking hats

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