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Therapeutical Approach to Oral Precancerosis

Iva Vidas ; Zavod za bolesti usta, Stomatološkog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 133-138

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Differentiation between potential and histologically verified oral preeanceroses has been justified by abundant clinical experience. Literature data on the percentage o f malignant alterations, oral leukoplakia and lichen are presented. Therapeutic principles for potential oral precancerous lesions, with particular reference to the need o f removal o f local irritations, topical and systemic medicamentous and vitamin therapy, and some other efficient procedures, such as therapy with laser, iontophoresis and long-wave ultraviolet light, as well as surgery or cryotherapy when required, are
described. Importance o f dropping o f bad habits, oral hygiene and proper nutrition, as well as the need o f occasional control check-ups in patients with potential oral precanceroses, are emphasized.

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leukoplakia; lichen ruber; therapy

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