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On the Occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the Appearance of Radošević’s Book »Problems of Dentistry in the Light of Physical Chemistry«

Ilija Škrinjarić ; Zavod za dječju i preventivnu stomatologiju, Stomatološkog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The first scientifically based book on dentistry in Croatia appeared in 1922, seventy years ago, in Zagreb. It was the book by dr. Eduard Radošević, under the title »The Problems of Dentistry in the Light of Physical Chemistry«. Dr. Radošević was the first professor of dentistry at the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb, appointed on January 20,1922. It was the date when the first chair in dentistry in Zagreb, Croatia, was established. The first chairman of odontology in Croatia was professor E. Radošević. This book presents Radošević’s pioneer work in dentistry and contains considerations on physical and chemical processes in dental tissues, along with the author’s original results. Radošević emphasized the importance of the knowledge about dental physiology for accurate diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases. A considerable part of the publication refers to the author’s experiments on enamel permeability. A strong association between caries and periodontal diseases and their common ethiologic factors are pointed out. The author underlines the role of chemical pulp irritations as a cause of pulp necrosis. Concerning preventive measures, Radošević’s opinion was that the main efforts for the prevention of caries should be concentrated on and applied immediately after tooth eruption. This book was the first book on dentistry in Croatia, presenting the current knowledge in the fields of children’s and preventive dentistry.

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history o f dentistry, preventive dentistry, physical chemistry

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