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Basic amino acid in the pathogenesis of caries

Ljubica Vranić ; Siget Health Centar, Croatia
Paula Granić ; Institute of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics, Rebro Clinical Hospital Center, Zagreb, Croatia
Zdravko Rajić ; Unit of Children’s and Preventive Dentistry, School of Dentistry, University of Zagreb, Croatia

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Amino acid pattern in total saliva was studied in 43 children with caries, aged 12-15 years, using the method of ion exchange cromatography. The results were compared to those obtained in a
control group of 39 children without caries. In saliva from the children with caries, a significantly lower level of arginine (2 2 . 0 2 fxmol/l), and a complete lack of histidine and its derivatives were observed when compared to the control group, where the concentrations of arginine and 1-methylhistidine were 28.36 and 26.34/mmol/1, respectively. The results obtained suggested that a decreased concentration of arginine, and a lack of histidine and its derviatives might imply an increased risk of caries.

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amino acids, caries

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