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Changes in the Population Dynamics of the Island of Krk

Marta JOVANIĆ ; Vinkovci
Ivo TURK ; Institut društvenih znanosti Ivo Pilar, Zagreb

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Population development on the islands is mostly conditioned
by the distance from the mainland and by the means of
transport connecting them with it. The aim of this work was
to research the dynamics of certain demographic
components of the Island of Krk. Namely, it analyses the
changes of population of the Island of Krk from 1857 to
2011. The analysis has shown that the decreasing number of
inhabitants of the island from the early 20th century is
correlated with the processes of urbanization of the town of
Rijeka, while the increase of the number of inhabitants on
the island from the 1970s onwards is related with
suburbanization, which was significantly influenced by the
construction of the Krk bridge. Since the 1970s, the west and
north sides of the island have recorded more positive
demographic indicators than the east and southeast sides.
This can be explained by better conditions for the
development of tourism on the west side of the island, and
the proximity of Rijeka. Therefore, since the mid 19th century,
the mean centre of population has shifted towards the

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population, mean centre of population, Island of Krk, demographic dynamics, ellipse of population, littoralisation

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