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Computerized Method for Analysis of Root Canal Morphology (a Preliminary Report)

Višnja Blašković-Šubat ; Stomatološki studij, Medicinski fakultet Rijeka, Hrvatska
Ivica Smojver ; Strojarski fakultet, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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There is no successful endodontic therapy without an intimate knowledge of the root canal morphology. The objective of this study was to develop a technique utilizing computer image processing, which would allow three-dimensional imaging of root canals. The study included the preparation of samples, construction o f a cutting-measuring device, sample resection, optical registration of cross sections and graphic computer-assisted sample reconstruction. The described method allowed a three-dimensional graphic reconstruction
of the experimental model. The rebuilt model could be transversally and longitudinally resected. The method m y prove useful for external and internal study root morphology. With some midifications, it could be also used in otherfields of dentistry.

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root canal morphology, computerized method

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