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The relationship between wharton’s duct, the lingual nerve and the hypoglossus nerve

Dinka Mucić ; Anatomski institut medicinskog fakulteta univerziteta u Beogradu, Stomatološki fakultet, Beograd, Srbija

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Surgical interventions in the submandibular and the sublingual region
require a thorough knowledge of the relationship between Wharton’s duct, the lingual and the hypoglossus nerve. Between the above named elements certain discrepancies and imprecisions can be observed in the literature concerning their relationship. On these grounds we took it as the goal of our research to study the relationship between Wharton’s duct and the consequent nerves on 40 human specimens of the sub-mandibular salivary gland with their surrounding structures of the neck. Analyzing the taken material, we arrived at the following concusions: On the external side of the hyoglossus muscle we observe going from the top: the lingual nerve, Wharton’s nerve, the anterior processus of the gland and the hypoglossus nerve. On the anterior edge of the hyogiossus muscle the relationship changes so that, looking from the top down, we have: Wharton's duct, the lingual nerve, the anterior processus of the gland and the hypoglossus nerve.

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Wharton’s duct, lingual nerve, hypoglossus nerve

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