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The clinic as a good corporate neighbor

Hans-Martin Sass ; Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, Arlington, VA, USA

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Abstract Clinics today specialize in health repair services
similar to car repair shops; procedures and prices are standardized,
regulated, and inflexibly uniform. Clinics of the future
have to become Health Care Centers in order to be
more respected and more effective corporate neighbors in
offering outreach services in health education and preventive
health care. The traditional concept of care for health is
much broader than repair management and includes the
promotion of lay health competence and responsibility in
healthy social and natural environments. The corporate
profile and ethics of the clinic as a good and competitive
local neighbor will have to focus on [a] better personalized
care, [b] education and services in preventive care, [c] direct
or web-based information and advice for general, seasonal,
or age related health risks, and on developing and
improving trustworthy character traits of the clinic as a corporate
person and a good neighbor.

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