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Electrochemical Reduction of Europium(3+) at Increasing Concentrations of Different Salts. Part I. Voltammetric Measurements

Marina Zelić ; Center for Marine and Environmental Research, Ruđer Bošković Institute, POB 180, 10002 Zagreb, Croatia

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Under the influence of spectroscopic results, which seem to indicate an increase of the hydration number at a decreased water activity in perchlorate and (some) chloride solutions, a reinvestigation of europium(3+) electrochemical reduction in different electrolytes was performed. Influences of the mentioned anions on the electrode response in square wave voltammetry are really similar if the peak potential shift and peak height decrease are followed in dependence on the electrolyte concentration. Results in nitrate, bromide and iodide media differ significantly due to the europium(3+) inner sphere complexation or change of the electrode kinetics in the presence of adsorbed anions. It remains questionable if the corresponding results (along with those of dc polarography) could be used for diagnostic purposes in solutions of europium( 3+) and less common electrolytes, i.e., for distinguishing the processes that include »inert «, surface active or complex forming anions.

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europium; hydration; square wave voltammetry; electrolyte; complex formation; adsorption

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