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GA-based optimal sizing of PV under pay as bid and uniform power market pricing considering uncertainty of solar radiation

Mohammad Mohammadi ; Department of Electrical Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Borujerd Branch Borujerd, Iran

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This paper presents a multi-objective formulation for optimal sizing of photovoltaic resources as grid connected mode in distribution systems with the aim of maximizing net present worth of system. The proposed system in this paper includes two sources such as upstream network i.e. 63/20 kV substation and photovoltaic arrays as private sector for meeting load. Total net present worth considered in this paper as objective function consists of net present worth of distribution company (DISCO) and of photovoltaic owners (PV-Owner). In order to obtain accurate results, in this paper the uncertainty of solar radiation is considered. The implemented technique is based on GA and weight method employed to obtain the best compromise between these costs. Simulation results on 33-bus distribution test system under pool market operation are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed procedure.

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genetic algorithm, Monte Carlo, optimization, photovoltaic arrays (PV), pool electricity market

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