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Ragusan Nobility in Southern Italy (1681-1905): The Zamagna Barons in Prata di Principato Ultra

Fiorentino Pietro Giovino

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At an auction in 1681, Ragusan nobleman Sebastian (Sabo) Zamagna (1615- 1690), son of Serafin, purchased Prata di Principato Ultra (province of Avellino in Campania region) for 45,000 ducats. The estate also included the feuds Castelmozzo and Bottacio. Until 1854 the feud was owned by Sebastian’s heirs of the Zamagna family, when by matrilineal descent it came into possession of Nikola Gradi (1827- 1885). For two hundred years the Ragusan nobles managed their way through the unsettled political and economic circumstances in the Kingdom of Naples, and it was not until the economic crisis at the end of the nineteenth century that the huge estate of the old feudal nobility in southern Italy met its ruin. The article traces the circumstances in which the estate came into the hands of the Ragusan nobleman in 1681 and the history of the estate to the dawn of the twentieth century when it was finally partitioned. Equal attention has been given to the relations between the Kingdom of Naples and the Republic of Dubrovnik, as the Zamagna barons never lost touch with their homeland whose interests they represented in the Kingdom of Naples until the Republic’s fall in 1808.

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Ragusan nobility; Zamagna; Gradi; Kingdom of Naples; Republic of Dubrovnik; Prata di Principato Ultra

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