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A Contribution to the History of Velika Župa Dubrava from the Treaties of Rome to the End of 1941

Franko Mirošević orcid id

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The author examines the political circumstances prevailing in Velika župa Dubrava, one of the twenty-two administrative units constituting the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) in 1941. According to this division, Dubrovnik, which had never before been administratively connected with the Herzegovinian hinterland, came to constitute one unit with this undeveloped neighbouring region in which the Orthodox made up 54 % of the population, with the purpose of attaining the Catholic-Muslim majority in this Great Parish under the Ustaše regime. The unsettling events of August 1941 resulted in an agreement between the NDH government and Italian Army which occupied the mentioned territory again. Grounded on the documents filed at the Croatian National Archives in Zagreb, the article highlights the organisation of the Great Parish and its entangled political and social conditions marked by national and religious differences and conflicts, terror of the Ustaše government on the one and the Serbian rebels led by the Četniks (with the aid of the Italians) on the other side. A considerable number of innocent people fell victim to the bloody conflicts of 1941.

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Dubrovnik, Herzegovina, Independent State of Croatia (NDH), 1941, WWII

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