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Health Status as Geneologic Burden in Aging Process

S. Blažeković-Milaković
J. Kern
M. Kulenović

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Knowledge of modern molecular biology is leading to the idea that aging and diseases of the aged are two different entities. Healthy life is relatively limited by the specific number of chronic conditions which are present more in old age. Up to now the idea of aging as a process in relation to the individual, organ, tissue, cell or a molecule. There are only few studies on the influence of aging within a single family and even less of aging within several generations of the same family. Genealogic level is one way of getting into the process of family system and aging throughout time. The aim of the study was to determine the significance of genealogical burden with regard to the health status in examinees with different cognitive capabilities. The difference according to sex and age was not significant between the two groups. Health status of the examinees proband in both groups showed 34.4% healthy examinees in the group D and 65.3% in group G. The difference between the two groups was statistically significant. The difference of health status of parents (II. generation) was statistically significant in both groups. Morbidity of diseases was not statistically significant. Most of the ancestors from the grandmothers and grandfathers (III generation) died. (group G–97.5%, group D–100%). Statistically significant difference is present among the diseases of the circulatory system and those of digestive system in this generation. Data on the ancestors of the IV. generation showed that all the relatives died in both groups. Conclusion: the health status of the examinees with higher impairment in the test of cognitive capabilities is worse and they come from the families with worse health status.

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