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The Comparison of Forensic-Psychiatric Traits between Female and Male Perpetrators of Murder or Attempted Murder

L. Mužinić Masle
M. Goreta
V. Jukić

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The aim of this investigation was to define more clearly specific forensic-psychiatric characteristics of female murder or attempted murder perpetrators. The retrospective method applied was based on the comparison of the data from forensic-psychiatric assessments carried out in the Center for Forensic Psychiatry, Psychiatric Hospital Vrapče, Zagreb, from 1983 to 1997 (including 70 female and 70 male subjects – who committed murder or attempted murder). Compared with men, female offenders were most often in some way emotionally related to their victims, and they were more often victimized themselves before committing the crime. In men alcoholism was a more significant circumstantial factor in the assessment of their accountability. Psychiatric security measures were more often given to male offenders. The intensity of aggression was lower in females than in males. This investigation reveals that there are some sex specific forensic-psychiatric traits of murder or attempted murder perpetrators. The obtained results could be of help in everyday forensic-psychiatric practice, both in assessments and treatment.

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