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Chronology, Dynamics and Period of Permanent Tooth Eruption in Zagreb Children (Part II)

Z. Rajić
S. Rajić-Meštrović
Ž. Verzak

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The aim of the present paper is to determine the beginning, order, median time, termination, dynamics, continuity and intensity of the permanent tooth eruption, as well as its calendar, in a sample of Zagreb children. The study included 2768 children (1398 boys and 1370 girls). All subjects were classified in one-year age groups. The continuity of tooth eruption occurs from 5.1 years to 14.97 years, i.e., for a period of 9.87 years. Each particular tooth has its own dynamics of eruption (V5–V95) which on the average amounts to 4.25 years. The continuity of eruption is 10.1 years in boys and 9.8 years in girls. The dynamics of eruption is 4.15 years in boys and 4.35 years in girls. A certain asymmetry in eruption has been described.

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