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Change in the Inclination of the Occlusal Plane during Craniofacial Growth and Development

N. Vukušić
M. Lapter
Ž. Muretić

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str. 145-150

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The aim of this study was to examine the change in the occlusal plane inclination that takes place during craniofacial growth relative to various facio-cranial reference lines, as well as to find possible differences in means between sexes, to determine if there were correlations among variables, and to find out which of the parameters were the most reliable in determining the occlusal plane inclination. The investigation was carried out on 192 lateral radiographs of subjects divided into five age groups. The radiographs were traced and six angular roentgencephalometric variables were analysed by using different reference lines: cranial base (OLNS), Frankfort horizontal (OLFH), maxillary base (OLPL), mandibular base (OLML), anterior face height (OLNM) and posterior face height (OLSGO). It could be concluded that the change in occlusal plane inclination shows anterior rotation (left profile) during growth. The most significant change of the occlusal plane inclination was found using variables OLPL, OLFH and OLNS. There were no significant differences according to sex. Small but significant correlations were found between all investigated variables, except OLML.

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