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Value of Color-Doppler Imaging in Diagnosis of Intrabulbar and Intraorbital Tumors

R. Iveković
A. Lovrenčić-Huzjan
K. Novak-Lauš
V. Demarin

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Patients with intrabulbar and intraorbital tumours have been investigated by colour Doppler imaging. In the first group there were 20 patients with malignant melanoma of the uvea and in the second group there were 19 patients with cavernous hemangioma. The third group was a control group represented by 20 healthy individuals. In the group of patients with uveal melanoma it has been established that every patient, except one, has a blood flow inside of tumour tissue. Internal blood flow of intraorbital hemangioma was slower than inside the melanoma and the resistance index was lower. Comparison of blood flow in all patients has shown that there is no statistically significant difference between ophthalmic artery, central retinal artery and posterior ciliary arteries except in maximal blood flow in central retinal artery and posterior ciliary arteries.

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