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Doses in the Vicinity of Mobile X-ray Equipment in a Children’s Intensive Care Unit

Đ. Milković
M. Ranogajec-Komor
Z. Ivanovi-Herceg
Ž. Knežević
D. Božinović
I. Žagar

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str. 235-240

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Most of the patients in the intensive care unit for children are newborns and infants having an infection of the central nervous system, with systemic septic and respiratory infections. Therefore, mobile X-ray equipment including mobile shields is routinely used for diagnosis of the respiratory tract, heart and endovascular cateterisation. The aim of this work was to determine the radiation exposure to the children in the vicinity of the exposed patient in the same or next room. Three measurement runs were carried out with thermoluminescence dosimetry system. The results show that the homogeneity of the irradiation field is adequate, the exposure of children to radiation in the vicinity of the exposed patient in the same or next room is very low, practically in the range of the lowest detectable dose. The entrance dose on the breast of the patient was found to be 0.07 mSv. Therefore, there is no basis for the risk estimation of genetic, leukemogenic and cancerogenic detriment.

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