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A contribution to the knowledge about dental fluorosis

Ančica Pećina-Hrnčević ; Zavod za dječju i preventivnu stom atologiju Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Nada Šešić ; Odjel za dječju i preventivnu stomatologiju, Medicinskog centra »Dr. T. Bardek«, Koprivnica

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A large number of children w ith dental fluorosis visited the Clinic of Cildren’s and Preventive Dentistry in Danica, a district of Koprivnica, which induced us to examine 37 subjects aged 3— 38 years who lived or had lived for a certain period of time in this area. Analysis of drinking water from private wells from this district of Koprivnica revealed it to have a markedly higher concentration of fluoride,i.e. 6.36— 15.10 mgF/l, as compared to control samples of water taken
from wels in other areas of Koprivnica, containing 0.072— 0.13 mgF/l.
The results obtained in the study showed that fluorosis developed
in the subjects who had lived in the respective area of Koprivnica called Danica when their teeth had been developing or mineralizing, whereas in those who moved to the area at the age when their teeth had already been form ed and mineralized, fluoride did not exert any effect on their teeth. It as also found th a t dental fluorosis was more seoere in children with poor nutritional status than in those with well balanced diet, although they all drank water containing the same high concentration of fluoride. It was not ascertained whether tooth eruption occurred earlier in children taking water with high concentration of fluoride. An increased concentration of fluoride in the water of the Koprivnica district called Danica has been attributed to a large fertilizer plant located in the area, which had been in operation from 1907 to 1937 and had an unregulated system of liquid waste drainage.

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