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Methods of sampling for bacteriological testing in acute odontogenic infections

Davor Katanec ; Zavod za oralnu Kirurgiju, Stomatološki fakultet Zagreb, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Vladimir Amšel ; Zavod za oralnu Kirurgiju, Stomatološki fakultet Zagreb, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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We embarked upon this study to find an appropriate method of sampling for microbiological testing and determination of antibiogram in acute odontogenic infections, of maxillofacial region since they have been documented to cause considerable problems, in face of advanced antibacterial chemotherapy. Twenty-four patients with odontogenic abscesses, not previously treated either medicinally or surgically, were included in the study. Samples of 0.5 to 1 ccm3 were taken either biopsy and placed in a nutrient transport medium, or by means of a sterile wire loop (by a swab). They were cultured in a medium with in 4, 24 and 48 h after sampling. Sampling of 0.5 to 1 ccm 3 of the purulent matter and its inoculation in a nutrient transport medium was found to be quite appropriate, since sensitive strains of bacteria can thus be preserved up to 48 h after sampling. Mixed aerobic-anaerobic cultures were found to prevail in the samples under study.

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odontogenic abscess, microbiological testing

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