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Personnel, equipment and materials in stomatology (results of a poll taken in Croatia in 1985)

Vladimir Amšel ; Zavod za oralnu kirurgiju, Stomatološki fakultet, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Stanko Vukovojac ; Zavod za mobilnu protetiku, Stomatološki fakultet, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Jadranka Keros ; Zavod za morfologiju zubi, Stomatološki fakultet, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 139-152

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Proper Information constitutes the basis of an adequate and primarily
realistic attitude towards the stomatologic service functioning in Croatia. At the same time, it provides fundamentals for the evaluation of the actual state of the stomatologic service in Croatia and the recognition of the existing difficulties requirirng a thorough study. According to the author’s opinion, such an approach could contribute to both identification and solution of these difficulties. The results obtained by large-scale poll talken in Croatia are discussed. The personnel problems and the difficulties encountered in the equipment and material supply and maintenance in Croatia were encompassed by the poll carried out by Section of Stomatology, Medical Association of Croatia, in collaboratioin with health centeres and health units in Croatia.

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personnel, equipment, materials

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